The Taping Story of 9/16/71,
The Allman Brothers Band at A Warehouse


In fact, they were never lost and they were always free. See Youtube source video below.

The Warehouse first opened at the corner of Tchoupitoulas and
Felicity streets, in New Orleans on January 30, 1970.
There was a guy named Bob that worked there as the house sound
engineer along with a technician, Marc. Typically, Bob also recorded
sound boards at the Warehouse shows, out in the open, until his
demise in the summer of 1971. I understand that Bob was then let go
and that all his recorded tapes were confiscated by management.
I don’t know if any of these shows have ever surfaced,
except for some ABB shows.

(Photo by Michael P. Smith)

Enter the new sound engineer, Marc, and his apprentice side kick,
me, John DuBois. Marc was now in charge of mixing the sound and
maintaining the sound system, which consisted of 8 Seeburg
PA cabinets with 2 - 15’s & 1 Altec horn each , 2 - 300w McIntosh
Power tube amps and an altec tube mono mic mixer. One of my
appointed jobs was to alternately run to either side of the stage and reset
the circuit breaker on the McIntosh Power Amps which were constantly
tripping off.


(Sept. 14, 1971)
JD: Is Bob going to record this Allman Brothers’ concert?

Marc: No, Bob is gone.

JD: Where did he go?

Marc: I don’t know. They took his tapes and let him go.

JD: (I guess I’ll have to record this ABB show myself I thought, and
it won’t be out in the open.)

(AKG D190)

(Sept. 15, 1971)
As I assisted Marc with preparations at the Warehouse the night
before the show, I also ran mic cables and put AKG D190
dynamic vocal mics hidden in the rafters and Lo/Hi Z transformers
at the tape deck position. With mics positioned about 40 feet apart
and 4 feet forward of the stage, conventional stereo mic placement
will not apply here. I planned to do a matrix recording, but decided
not to risk hardwiring into the antique mixer console, because it might
cause a problem with the house sound. An audience recording would
have to suffice.

(Sony TC-355)

(Sept. 16, 1971)
A hurricane watch had been issued for the gulf coast
and the weather felt humid and tropical. In the late afternoon,
I managed to bring in my Sony TC-355 reel to reel tape deck
and set it up under the bench on the side of the stage.

(Thanks Larry Eagan and Shelley Barberot)

Cowboy didn’t play that night. Wet Willie played instead.
I set the levels on the tape deck during Wet Willie’s show
and recorded a 1 minute test. Everything seems OK.

After Wet Willie finished playing , an ABB Roadie did a walk thru
near my setup. All clear.

Start of 1st SET:
The ABB takes the stage and a brawl breaks out in front. The band
scolds the perpetrators and breaks into Statesboro Blues and I take
a peek at the tape deck:
Back ‘em down gracefully.

Start of 2ND SET:
Blue sky ? Is that a country song? No wait, that’s cool !
1 hr, 29 min into the show, I have to do a tape flip during
Whipping Post. I only have 96 minutes per side @ 3.75 ips
on the tape.

2 ENCORES: Revival and Mountain Jam.

(Photo by Sidney Smith)

Wait for a while until everyone clears out before taking down the
mics and tape machine. Now I have to go home and get a couple of
hours of sleep before having to wake up early for classes at high school .
I was 16 years old, and I felt like I had been tied to the whipping post.

The tape turned out very well instrumentally, but the vocals were weak
to non-existent. This was the only show that I had ever taped at the
Warehouse. As it turned out, Duane would pass away six weeks later
on 10/29/71 and I was shocked. And then Berry, about 1 year later.
So I felt that I had captured a very important show, but I did not have
any plan as to what should be done with the tape or who to share it with.
So the tape remained on the shelf for 26 years, until…

(The Times-Picayune ad)

(Feb., 1997)
While reading the paper one day, (and I usually never read the paper) ,
I some how, miraculously spotted a small ad in the paper:

“Wanted Reel to Reel tapes of Allman Brothers at the Warehouse
‘70 &‘71”.

This guy just spent $30 for an ad that was a long shot at best.
Should I call this guy ? What a strange coincidence this was.
I was probably the only one who had what he wanted, and I decided to
really blow his mind by calling him up.


(phone call)
JD: Hello, I’m calling about your ad in The Times-Picayune paper.
I understand that you are looking for Allman Brothers tapes
around 1970-71 from the Warehouse ?

Chaffe: Yes, this is Chaffe.

JD: What do you want them for ?

Chaffe: I’m a tape trader, we freely trade tapes of the band.

JD: Uh-huh…
Well I think that I have an Allman Brothers tape in the garage.

Chaffe: Really !? What’s the date ?

JD: Call me back later and I’ll look for it.

Chaffe: How did you get it?

JD: I recorded it at the warehouse.

Chaffe: You did ?

JD: Yea.

Chaffe: How did you do that ?

JD: …with hidden mics and reel to reel tape recorder…
tape flip…the whole show.

Chaffe: Really ? Please give me your number. OK thanks.


(9/16/71 reel cover)

(later) (phone call)
JD: Hello ? yea I got the reel to reel tape in my hand.
The date is Thursday, Sept.16,1971.

Chaffe: ….I have never heard of that show. Does it have Blue Sky on it ?

J.D. Yes, I believe it does.

Chaffe: Can I get a copy from you ???

JD: What is this tape worth ?

Chaffe: The trading community will probably give you whatever you
want for it.

JD: Well, let me work on it. I have to pull out my old Sony TC-355
¼ inch tape deck and set it up. Give me a call later and I
will work on it. Yes, I promise I will make you a copy. OK


(later) (phone call)
JD: Hello ? Yea I set up the Sony TC-355 deck and lubed the motors,
but it won’t budge. I’ll have to get another tape deck that plays
¼ track stereo at 3-¾ ips.

(Sony TC880-2)

I have another deck, a Sony TC-880-2 that only plays 7 & 15 ips.
I’ll see if I can modify the speed circuit to slow it down to 3-¾ ips.
The tape is in poor condition. The oxide is starting to come off.
Call me later and I’ll let you know what I find.


(later) (phone call)
JD: Hello ? Yea, I was able to add an outboard tape speed control to
the deck, and I can adjust the speed all the way down to
3-¾ ips. The transport is closed loop and the speed regulation
and wow and flutter spec. is fantastic. I’m ready to do a copy now.
But, I have to adjust the EQ on an outboard mixer.

Chaffe: Can you make me a DAT copy?

JD: ….I don’t have a DAT machine.

Chaffe: I’ll send you mine.

JD: Really??! So you’ll trust your DAT machine to a
complete stranger ?

Chaffe: I’ll Fed Ex it to you tomorrow…


(March, 1997) (phone call)
JD: Hello ? Yea, its done. I had to ride the tape speed control for
the whole show. I’m packing up your DAT machine and your
ABB 9/16/71 DAT tape to send back to you.
( Version 1 tape transfer, offering March, 1997 V1)

Chaffe: OK, thanks

(The deal was made that I would have access to Chaffe’s vast tape
collection to get a start in trading. But there was more. Various
tapes began arriving from people that I didn’t even know.)


( Where did this “The Lost Warehouse” Tapes BS come from ?
Let me say that I have never lost this tape.
I always knew that I had it, and I knew where it was.
What was ‘lost‘, was the connection to the trading community.)


(Oct., 1997 ) (phone call)
JD: Hello ? Yea, I’m sending you another ABB 9/16/71 DAT V2.
( after I bought a new DAT deck) I’ve found by aligning the
¼ track reel playback heads right to the tape, I got some
cymbals and high frequency information back. It sounds brighter.
( Version 2 tape transfer, offering Oct., 1997 V2)

Chaffe: OK, thanks.


ABB 9/16/71 V11 - ABB At A Warehouse

2 - AKG D190 mics in the rafters > Lo/Hi Z > Sony TC-355 Reel (1971).
Sony TC-880-2 Reel >Tascam DA-20mkII DAT >
HD > Nero wave editor > Nero burning ROM > CD.
Stereo audience recording by John DuBois


God Bless my dear mom for buying me THE Reel-to-Reel
tape recorder with her hard earned tip money from her
waitressing job at 'Jim's Fried Chicken' on S. Carrollton Ave.
















Statesboro Blues

Trouble No More

Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’

Done Somebody Wrong

One Way Out


Stormy Monday

Hot Lanta

Blue Sky

Midnight Rider

You Don’t Love Me

Whipping Post


Mountain Jam

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